NEW YORK – Seventy-five years ago, the prestige of the United States and the United Kingdom could not have been higher
Ian Buruma 18 сентября 2020 5 мин. 703
NEW YORK – Julia Jackson, the mother of Jacob Blake, a young black man from Kenosha, Wisconsin, who was shot seven times in the back by police, got it right when she said, “America is great when we behave greatly.” Sadly, for the past four years, President Donald Trump has been leading America in the exact opposite direction
Joseph E. Stiglitz 15 сентября 2020 5 мин. 1059
NEW DELHI – The World Bank’s Doing Business index has been both conceptually and operationally suspect since its inception in 2003, but mainstream economists have only recently started to criticize it. Although the Bank’s own recent acknowledgement of some of the problems is welcome, the index has already caused huge damage to developing countries, and it should be scrapped
Jayati Ghosh 14 сентября 2020 5 мин. 1227
CAMBRIDGE – The next few months will tell us a lot about the shape of the coming global recovery. Despite ebullient stock markets, uncertainty about COVID-19 remains pervasive. Regardless of the pandemic’s course, therefore, the world’s struggle with the virus so far is likely to affect growth, employment, and politics for a very long time
Kenneth Rogoff    Пандемия коронавируса 11 сентября 2020 5 мин. 1441
НЬЮ-ЙОРК – Семьдесят пять лет назад престиж США и Великобритании был высок как никогда
Иэн Бурума 10 сентября 2020 6 мин. 2749
Шектелген тосқауыл шеңберінде ғана ойлау емес, жылдам ойлау
Али Нургожаев 10 сентября 2020 3 мин. 1945
Об этом говорится в исследовании Deutsche Bank
10 сентября 2020 48 сек. 2232
BARCELONA – The idea of a European industrial policy has been back on the agenda at least since the release of a Franco-German manifesto on the issue in early 2019. But whereas that document focused primarily on global competitiveness, an equally strong argument for reviving industrial policy is that it is necessary for the survival of the euro
Project Syndicate 08 сентября 2020 5 мин. 1429
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