Mikhail Lomtadze named best CEO in Kazakhstan for the third successive year

PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) CEO Survey 2021 has named Mikhail Lomtadze, co-founder and CEO of Kaspi.kz, Kazakhstan’s best CEO. This is the third successor year PwC’s survey has recognized Mikhail as the country’s best CEO

Mikhail Lomtadze commented:

«Thank you to everyone for appreciating our work and to PwC for organizing the survey.  This is another recognition of Kaspi.kz’s amazing management team, that continues to lead from the front developing innovative mobile digital products, that fulfill our mission to improve people’s everyday lives and play a major role in Kazakhstan’s digital transformation.  Last year we successfully completed Kaspi.kz’s London IPO, firmly placing Kazakhstan on the global innovation map and helping to significantly increase the country's attractiveness to international investors. We promise to continue surprising with innovative, technologically advanced products and services».

PwC surveyed 71 CEOs from major Kazakh companies, active across various sectors of economy.  Respondents mentioned the successful IPO of Kaspi.kz, the professionalism of its management team, the company's innovative technology and the strategic vision of its CEO.

PwC has been conducting its CEO Survey worldwide for 24 years and for the past 9 years in Kazakhstan. The main objective is to understand CEO’s views on global and national economic situation, as well as the opportunities and risks for future business development.

To view the full version of the survey (in Russian), please follow this link to the PwC website: https://www.pwc.kz/en/publications/ceo-assets/ceo-survey-2021-24-rus-final-3.pdf

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