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Market volatility has surged lately, apparently vindicating those who have warned of lofty equity valuations. But, even as the US stock market suffered one of its worst weeks since the financial crisis, the eurozone’s public-debt market has remained relatively stable, with risk spreads – which have usually increased amid market volatility – scarcely changing, even for the peripheral eurozone countries
23 февраля 2018 4.8 мин. 1306
This may be the best, boring Olympics ever. And for South Korea, that's good news. There will be no post-Olympics fallout like there was in Rio de Janeiro. The economy doesn't need anymore drag than it already has
22 февраля 2018 6.6 мин. 1744
In low- and middle-income countries, insufficient access to medical care undermines health outcomes and disadvantages entire generations. But, in some of the world’s hardest-to-reach communities, technology is revolutionizing patients’ engagement with modern medicine. In a remote corner of Ghana, one “telemedicine” program illustrates just how effective digital care can be when coverage is extended to those on the medical margins
21 февраля 2018 3.7 мин. 2103
Melinda Gates has a lot of pressing questions that demand attention – and answers
20 февраля 2018 7.3 мин. 2620
In 2014, the World Health Organization reported that drug resistance – especially resistance to antibiotics – is a growing threat to human health, food security, and “the achievements of modern medicine.” Far from being an “apocalyptic fantasy,” the WHO said, a post-antibiotic era “is instead a very real possibility for the twenty-first century”
19 февраля 2018 4.1 мин. 3009
In mid-2017, when a cholera outbreak in Somalia threatened to overwhelm local hospitals, health experts feared the worst
16 февраля 2018 4.1 мин. 3505
The 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics were the most expensive in history, costing an estimated $50 billion
15 февраля 2018 4.2 мин. 3679
Sovereign Wealth Funds (SWFs) now allocate almost a quarter (23%) of their assets under management to alternative investments such as private equity, real estate, gold and infrastructure, shows a new report from PwC
14 февраля 2018 1.8 мин. 3455
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