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We have entered the new era of absolute exchange of information between the tax authorities of different countries. In addition, soon certain information about taxpayers will be available in the public registry
21 февраля 2019 5 мин. 506
Pick Stocks That Are Fortresses
20 февраля 2019 5 мин. 1151
The businessman informed about it on Wednesday, February 13, at the meeting with the journalists
19 февраля 2019 7 мин. 2145
After a long period of investment-driven growth, China is finally changing its policy playbook. Having recognized the costs of relying on excessive credit growth in the medium term, now it is emphasizing tax cuts, further market opening, and incentives to boost consumption over investment. This means accepting lower growth rates in the future.
18 февраля 2019 4 мин. 2217
And He Has A Defense (Even For Mark Zuckerberg)
15 февраля 2019 7 мин. 3962
Watching a sophisticated democratic society knowingly walk into a predictable and avoidable national disaster is a rare and alarming experience. Most British politicians are well aware that leaving the European Union with no agreement on the post-Brexit relationship will cause enormous damage to their country. They are not sleepwalking into the abyss; their eyes are wide open
14 февраля 2019 5 мин. 3615
In October 2017, at the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the CPC enshrined in its constitution a new political doctrine: “Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in a New Era.” At a time when a rapidly modernizing China is a leading global player, it is tempting to dismiss this doctrine as anachronistic “party-speak” from a bygone age. We succumb to that temptation at our peril
13 февраля 2019 5 мин. 3927
How should companies respond to the Great Disruption? When surveying the global backlash against the economic and political status quo, they must recognize that it is in part directed at them. Populists and nationalists see business, or at least “big business,” as part of the problem. Understanding the forces behind the Great Disruption, then, will be critical for companies hoping to survive and thrive in 2019 and beyond
12 февраля 2019 5 мин. 3599
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