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The Tax Code has been amended from 1 January 2021 to change how dividends paid by Kazakhstan companies to overseas shareholders are taxed
21 января 2021 8 мин. 660
From Bill and Melinda Gates to Mackenzie Scott, the nation's most generous donors have given away a collective $149 billion in their lifetimes
20 января 2021 16 мин. 1062
So far, the president’s ego has taken a bigger hit than his wallet. But that could still change
19 января 2021 4 мин. 1523
NEW YORK – Anyone who was surprised by the mayhem in Washington, DC has not been paying attention for the last four years. The grotesque scenes around the Capitol on January 6 were indeed shocking: wild-eyed thugs with neo-Nazi flags and Trump banners smashing their way into the House of Representatives and the Senate, while mobs roared “USA” and “Stop the Steal” and others took selfies to show their moment of glory to their grandchildren one day
18 января 2021 5 мин. 958
After Donald Trump’s supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol last week, Bank of America sent a memo to employees who had donated to the company’s political action committee
15 января 2021 4 мин. 2410
Over recent years the concept of remote working has become an everyday reality as technologies have improved and corporate acceptance has become more common
14 января 2021 3 мин. 1930
NEW YORK – The assault on the US Capitol by President Donald Trump’s supporters, incited by Trump himself, was the predictable outcome of his four-year-long assault on democratic institutions, aided and abetted by so many in the Republican Party
13 января 2021 5 мин. 1404
STANFORD – Most Europeans are happy that Joe Biden will be the next president of the United States. Whether they realize that Biden’s economic policies will put the euro and Europe in a bind is another matter. The new US administration will want the euro to remain strong against the dollar in order to keep the US economy humming
12 января 2021 5 мин. 2265
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