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Mustafa Suleyman, the cofounder of Google’s acclaimed AI lab DeepMind, is on leave, a spokesperson confirmed to Forbes
23 августа 2019 3 мин. 964
Walmart is alleging in a lawsuit that Tesla solar panels caused fires on the roofs of seven Walmart stores, and is accusing Tesla of breach of contract, gross negligence and failure to comply with industry standards
22 августа 2019 2 мин. 1283
WASHINGTON, DC – Decision-making based on evidence rather than superstition was a driving force behind the Industrial Revolution, and the collection of statistics has, accordingly, become a hallmark of the modern age. In the twenty-first century, businesses and governments alike are finding that data are more valuable than ever
21 августа 2019 4 мин. 1398
The value of a college degree may not mean the same thing to the parents involved in this year’s admissions cheating and bribery scandal as it means to the some 6 million first-generation college students in the U.S.⁠ Or to most of us. There’s a difference between gaming the system and having a shot at the American Dream. So when it comes to the question everyone seems to be asking, “Is college worth it?,” we emphatically say yes
20 августа 2019 5 мин. 1886
NEW DELHI – The process of selecting the International Monetary Fund’s next managing director must change. In particular, the tradition of choosing a European for the post – based on an unfair and anachronistic “gentlemen’s agreement” reached with the United States when the institution was established 75 years ago – needs to be discarded. But even more important, the IMF’s longstanding approach to lending should be transformed
19 августа 2019 5 мин. 1890
Mauricio Macri's government was defeated Sunday in Argentina’s primary elections, with the one-term incumbent receiving 32.1% of the vote while his left wing challenger, Alberto Fernández, received more than 47%
16 августа 2019 2 мин. 2601
Facebook has just become the latest big tech firm to confirm that external contractors are listing to audio of users’ private conversations
15 августа 2019 4 мин. 3068
Boeing 737 MAX planes have been stuck on the ground now for five months
14 августа 2019 6 мин. 2957
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