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LONDON – With the global trading system under severe pressure, international cooperation to strengthen a rules-based order is vital. Now, perhaps more than ever, we need a World Trade Organization that supports economic recovery, defends multilateralism, rebuilds trust, and rises to the twenty-first-century challenges posed by poverty, inequality, climate change, and – more immediately – the COVID-19 pandemic
30 октября 2020 6 мин. 660
In the latest version of the iPhone operating system, iOS 14, Apple bolstered its own search capabilities with little fanfare
29 октября 2020 2 мин. 710
Covid-19 has brought many changes to our everyday lives and especially to our interpersonal communication and professional networking experience
28 октября 2020 5 мин. 1231
WASHINGTON, DC – It has taken four years, but US President Donald Trump’s tax avoidance and deep indebtedness are finally being exposed, as are his many acts of self-dealing and efforts to benefit his cronies. Under Trump, the United States has begun to epitomize crony capitalism, whereby political leaders extend benefits and protection to businesses in exchange for political acquiescence and economic favors
27 октября 2020 5 мин. 992
NEW DELHI – The Norwegian Nobel Committee has awarded this year’s Nobel Peace Prize to the United Nations World Food Programme, declaring that it wanted “to turn the eyes of the world toward the millions of people who suffer from or face the threat of hunger.” Those numbers are now greater than ever – and the dysfunctional global food system is largely to blame
26 октября 2020 5 мин. 1118
Nokia will build the first cellular network on the moon as part of a NASA project intended to establish a sustainable human presence on the lunar surface
23 октября 2020 50 сек. 1394
A controversial movie release and weaker-than-anticipated growth projections for the third quarter have barely stunted Netflix's surge this year
22 октября 2020 2 мин. 1455
A biweekly survey from FiveThirtyEight and the University of Chicago shows that between May and October, more than seven months into the coronavirus crisis, economists generally haven’t changed their views on when U.S. GDP will return to pre-pandemic levels
21 октября 2020 2 мин. 1497
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