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The world is finally waking up to the threat posed by one of the most overlooked diseases of our time. Last month, the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) hosted the first-ever high-level meeting on tuberculosis (TB) to explore options for international eradication efforts. But, as welcome as this new global focus is, the fact remains that the road to beating TB begins in Africa
17 октября 2018 4 мин. 429
Will China terminate oil production within five years and Russia within nineteen, as prophesied by Saudi Arabian prince Muhammad bin al-Saud in his October 5 interview with Bloomberg News?
16 октября 2018 5 мин. 765
The past year has seen much of the global business community doing damage control, and tech titans—untouchable as they may seem—have not been immune to the reputation crisis
15 октября 2018 9 мин. 1058
n his recent best-selling book Factfulness, the late international health expert Hans Rosling shows that horrors such as natural disasters, oil spills, and battlefield deaths are trending steeply downward, and that harvest yields, literacy rates, and other development indicators are on the rise. Taking a fact- and evidence-based approach, Rosling makes the case for optimism in what seems like an increasingly chaotic world
12 октября 2018 5 мин. 1768
China and the U.S. are inching closer to a Cold War like nothing we have seen between these two key trade partners
11 октября 2018 4 мин. 2420
There has been a growing interest in the financial independence, retire early movement, or FIRE for short
10 октября 2018 5 мин. 2832
When landslides devastated parts of Tajikistan’s Khatlon province in early 2009, the village of Baldzhuvan was better prepared than most. Bibi Rahimova, a local community organizer, had spent years alerting people to the dangers of living beneath unstable terrain; when the hillside finally gave way, all of Baldzhuvan’s 35 households were evacuated safely, and no lives were lost
09 октября 2018 5 мин. 2987
Transtelecom JSC conducts PPP project to provide Kazakhstan rural areas with the broadband Internet within the “Digital Kazakhstan” state program. The project of such scale will be implemented in the country for the first time
08 октября 2018 2 мин. 4261
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