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NEW DELHI – This was supposed to be the Asian century, with the ascent of China being only one – albeit a major – part of the story
25 июля 2021 5 мин. 638
Its main difference is compliance with the Shariah norms
23 июля 2021 2 мин. 1273
LONDON – “Is my lipstick protecting me against COVID-19?” ranks as one of the more intriguing email queries we have received from a member of the public since we began coordinating the world’s largest tracker of sex-disaggregated data on the pandemic
23 июля 2021 6 мин. 873
Antigua-based crypto derivatives exchange FTX closes a record $900 million fundraise at an $18 billion valuation
22 июля 2021 4 мин. 1822
CHICAGO – As Western economies emerge from the COVID-19 crisis, banks and governments are facing a new problem: how to deal with the corporate walking dead. But an innovative worker-centered scheme could offer a possible solution
21 июля 2021 5 мин. 1572
MUNICH – The COVID-19 pandemic is a crisis like no other. In 2020, it plunged the global economy into its deepest recession since World War II. But, after a year in the doldrums, Europe’s private firms and households are now awash with cash. How households in particular use their accumulated savings will be crucial in shaping the continent’s post-pandemic recovery
20 июля 2021 5 мин. 1702
SANTA BARBARA, CALIFORNIA – The year 2020 was unforgettable for all of us, and tragic for many. No one had imagined that a lethal virus originating in horseshoe bats could spread so fast and upend our lives so thoroughly
19 июля 2021 5 мин. 1977
NEW YORK – Adam Smith, the founder of modern economics, argued that the pursuit of private interests – profits – will invariably promote the common good
16 июля 2021 5 мин. 2886
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