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It’s now official: workers around the world are falling behind. The International Labor Organization’s (ILO) latest Global Wage Report finds that, excluding China, real (inflation-adjusted) wages grew at an annual rate of just 1.1% in 2017, down from 1.8% in 2016. That is the slowest pace since 2008
14 декабря 2018 5 мин. 366
Michael Wolff Joins List Thanks To 'Fire And Fury'
13 декабря 2018 4 мин. 1016
In recent years, as the World Bank’s financing role has been eclipsed by the rise of private capital and a surge in money from China, its leaders have been desperately seeking a new mission. And interminable reorganizations, politicized appointments, and the changing priorities of successive presidents have contributed to the perception that the institution is less than functional. But can that change?
12 декабря 2018 6 мин. 1608
With so much angst about artificial intelligence and the future of work, the recent world chess championship in London offers some hope
11 декабря 2018 5 мин. 2018
When resources are limited, it is human capital that defines the sustainable development of a community, especially in the case of costly misallocation and underutilization, as is often the case in developing countries. Nowhere is this truer than in India, where the value of the current demographic dividend hinges on a grossly underutilized resource pool – the female workforce
10 декабря 2018 6 мин. 2526
A Chinese scientist’s claims to have created the world’s first genetically edited babies have injected a new sense of urgency into the discussions about ethics and social and personal responsibility surrounding the capacity to create and genetically modify human embryos
07 декабря 2018 5 мин. 3558
Change is rippling through the business, tech, entertainment, philanthropical and political spheres alike
06 декабря 2018 7 мин. 3478
It is now just ten months since China launched its oil futures contract, denominated in yuan (renminbi), on the Shanghai International Energy Exchange. In spite of forebodings and shrill alarms, the oil markets continue to function, and China’s futures contracts have established themselves and overtaken in volume terms the dollar-denominated oil futures traded in Singapore and Dubai
05 декабря 2018 4 мин. 3497
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