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We have all been there: You buy a jacket or pair of shoes online and they don’t fit or the color is all wrong. When you find the time, you head to the post office to drop off the item and then wait a few weeks for the refund to hit your bank account
23 апреля 2019 3 мин. 419
Most infrastructure projects are composed of five elements for which responsibility must be assigned: design, construction, service operation, ongoing maintenance and finance. Theoretically, any of these elements and their related risks can be allocated to either the public sector or the private sector. The shape of that allocation determines the structure of the partnership
22 апреля 2019 7 мин. 1387
Netflix shrugged off the competitive threat posed by Apple and the Walt Disney Co., both of which unveiled rival subscription streaming services in recent weeks
19 апреля 2019 3 мин. 3581
MEXICO CITY – In recent decades, social assistance programs around the world have been strengthened to the point that they now benefit more than 2.5 billion people, usually the poorest and most vulnerable. But rising pressure to apply biometric technology to verify beneficiaries’ identities, and to integrate information systems ranging from civil registries to law-enforcement databases, means that social programs could create new risks for those who depend on them
18 апреля 2019 6 мин. 3965
NEW DELHI – For some time now, multinational companies (MNCs) have been gaming the rules of the global economy to minimize their tax liability – or even eliminate it altogether. And for some time now, the Independent Commission for the Reform of International Corporate Taxation (ICRICT) has argued for the unitary taxation of MNCs. Fortunately, there have been some encouraging recent signs that the idea of a unitary tax is gaining traction
17 апреля 2019 5 мин. 4456
LONDON – This year marks the 20th anniversary of the United Nations Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention. Since the treaty entered into force, armed conflicts in Africa and elsewhere have steadily receded, and democratization, coupled with international monitoring, has led to a reduction in the use of landmines and other improvised explosive devices (IEDs) worldwide. At the same time, inspiring individuals and organizations have continued to navigate difficult environments to assist victims and clear minefields
16 апреля 2019 5 мин. 4314
NEW YORK – Kirstjen Nielsen’s forced resignation as US Secretary of Homeland Security is no reason to celebrate. Yes, she presided over the forced separation of families at the US border, notoriously housing young children in wire cages. But Nielsen’s departure is not likely to bring any improvement, as President Donald Trump wants to replace her with someone who will carry out his anti-immigrant policies even more ruthlessly
15 апреля 2019 5 мин. 4070
From the embers of World War I emerged a new kind of organization, led by entrepreneurs, committed to ensuring the free flow of goods across the world’s war-ravaged borders
12 апреля 2019 5 мин. 5091
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