Helga Nowotny

a former president of the European Research Council and Professor Emerita of Science, Technology, Society at ETH Zurich

We have entered a disturbing new era. The sheer volume of false utterances and outright lies spewed during the United States’ presidential election campaign implies a growing disdain for factual knowledge, as does the proliferation of fake news disseminated without journalistic filters on social-media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter
01 августа 2017 5 мин. 1741
In his opening address at the 2016 Nobel Prize Award Ceremony, Nobel Foundation Chairman Carl-Henrik Heldin drew parallels between our current milieu and the late nineteenth-century world in which Alfred Nobel lived and worked
09 февраля 2017 5 мин. 3634
19 марта родились
Умут Шаяхметова
Председатель правления, член совета директоров АО «Народный банк Казахстана»
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