Daniel Gros

is Director of the Center for European Policy Studies

In her latest speech on Brexit, British Prime Minister Theresa May rejected the prospect of the United Kingdom remaining in the European Union’s customs union, on the grounds that the UK wants its own trade policy. This is not in the best interest of either the UK or the EU
16 марта 2018 5 мин. 5434
Market volatility has surged lately, apparently vindicating those who have warned of lofty equity valuations. But, even as the US stock market suffered one of its worst weeks since the financial crisis, the eurozone’s public-debt market has remained relatively stable, with risk spreads – which have usually increased amid market volatility – scarcely changing, even for the peripheral eurozone countries
23 февраля 2018 4.8 мин. 4000
The prospect that the centrist, pro-European Emmanuel Macron will become the next French president has fueled hope that renewed Franco-German leadership of the European Union may be on the horizon. After Germany’s general election in September, it is hoped, a more stable EU could begin to make much faster progress toward unity and integration
02 июня 2017 0 1772
Most reports about globalization in recent years have focused on its problems, such as declining levels of trade and the abandonment of “mega-regional” trade agreements. Indeed, US President Donald Trump has now terminated the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) – a trade deal among a dozen Pacific-rim countries, including the United States and Japan; and negotiations on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) between the US and the European Union have come to a halt
15 мая 2017 0 2986

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