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How to Boost Access to Essential Medicines16

Around the world, health security is increasingly being recognized as the foundation of economic growth. Healthy populations are better able to produce, trade, and innovate, while unhealthy populations strain public budgets and create risks that discourage economic exchange


A Formula for Health Equity1127

Imagine a country where some 90% of the population is covered by health insurance, more than 90% of those with HIV are on a consistent drug regime, and 93% of children are vaccinated against common communicable diseases including HPV. Where would you guess this enchanted land of medical equity is? Scandinavia? Costa Rica? Narnia?


A Roadmap to End Cholera1717

“Where is your toilet?” This is often the first question I ask when I visit the site of a cholera outbreak anywhere in the world. More often than not, the answer is: “We don’t have one. We go wherever we can.”


Closing the Education Gender Gap1846

Completing primary school in Niger was never a certainty for Aishetu Mahmoudu Hama, given all the obstacles that stood in her way. “It was hard to study,” she recalls. “We sat on the ground – sometimes on a mat, sometimes just in the dirt.”


Preempting the Next Pandemic2619

Recent disease outbreaks, like Ebola and Zika, have demonstrated the need to anticipate pandemics and contain them before they emerge. But the sheer diversity, resilience, and transmissibility of deadly diseases have also highlighted, in the starkest of terms, just how difficult containment and prevention can be


Dealing with Damaging Institutional Inertia1967

Deeply rooted, credible, accountable, and effective institutions have long been deemed crucial for a society’s lasting wellbeing and prosperity. They shield countries from frequent and unsettling volatility, be it economic, political, or social, and they reduce the risk of costly shocks. But, nowadays, key political and economic institutions are being pressured by unusual fluidity in their operating environments and the effects of a cumulative loss of trust on the part of their constituencies


Верной ли дорогой идут товарищи? Записки о съезде Компартии Китая2279

Съезды Коммунистической партии, проходящие в Китае раз в пять лет - это редкое событие, где ритуал и догма сочетаются с самоанализом и стратегией. И XIX Всекитайский съезд КПК, начавшийся 18 октября, не стал исключением


Keep Hong Kong Free2553

Visiting Hong Kong is a true pleasure. With its modern architecture towering around the busy harbor, that great and exciting city must rank among the world’s most enjoyable urban destinations. But Hong Kong is now under stress, as it finds itself at the center of a number of issues and challenges – including how best to balance economic and political freedom and how to engage with an increasingly assertive and ambitious China – that will define its prospects in the century ahead


Психология сексуального хищника-суперзвезды5104

Скандал вокруг домогательств Харви Вайнштейна к известным голливудским актрисам не затихает


Inside the Mind of the Mass Shooter1548

Stephen Paddock opened fire on a country music festival in Las Vegas, Nevada, from an overlooking hotel, killing at least 59 people and injuring more than 500 others. Paddock, a 64-year-old former accountant with no criminal record, was ultimately found in his hotel room, dead, with some 23 guns, including more than ten assault weapons. Police later found an additional 19 firearms, explosives, and several thousands of rounds of ammunition in Paddock’s home. What the authorities have not yet found, however, is a motive


The Courage to Normalize Monetary Policy1253

Three cheers for central banks! That may sound strange coming from someone who has long been critical of the world’s monetary authorities. But I applaud the US Federal Reserve’s long-overdue commitment to the normalization of its policy rate and balance sheet. I say the same for the Bank of England, and for the European Central Bank’s grudging nod in the same direction. The risk, however, is that these moves may be too little too late


Flights of Unmanned Fancy1140

Few pieces of modern hardware have inspired as much excitement as the drone


Counting What Counts in Development1213

To most people, “development” is best measured by the quantity of change – like gains in average income, life expectancy, or years spent in school. The Human Development Index (HDI), a composite measure of national progress that my office at the United Nations Development Programme oversees, combines all three statistics to rank countries relative to one another


Nobel Prize Laureate: Winning the War on Child Abuse1137

With every new crisis that the world faces, humanity’s differences appear increasingly intractable. Religion, ethnicity, history, politics, and economics have all become tools to denigrate and demean. People seem to be drifting apart, and no country is immune from divisive discourse


Asian Cities’ Endless Summer849

It’s monsoon season in Asia – marking an end to months of scorching temperatures


Сколько секса нам нужно для счастья?6818

«Секс похож на деньги, – писал Джон Апдайк, – только когда его слишком много, его хватает». Но оказывается, что это не вполне верно, по крайней мере, в контексте моногамных отношений.


Pardons Are a Loaded Gun809

Joe Arpaio, the former sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona, who was convicted of contempt of court for defying a federal judge’s order to stop racially profiling and arbitrarily detaining Latinos in the name of catching illegal immigrants, is no stranger to controversy


The Hazards Behind the Headlines945

Not too long ago, the only journalists working in conflict areas who might be afforded protection were those working for wealthy, predominantly Western news organizations. These journalists would attend expensive courses run by former special forces personnel, who trained them to navigate hostile environments. They would be furnished with flak jackets and helmets, and given first aid kits


Land of Opportunity1227

Not many companies headquartered in Tokyo can boast about their diversity. Twenty years ago, when I founded Rakuten as an ambitious Internet and e-commerce startup, we were just like most Japanese firms – small, and dominated by mostly male Japanese talent. But today, with over 10,000 employees – 40% of whom are women – from 70 countries, we are among the largest online retailers in the world. It is our diversity that has made us so successful


Трамп уничтожает доллар?12004

Уже почти столетие доллар США считается главной безопасной гаванью финансового мира. Ни одна другая валюта не обеспечивает такой же уровень надёжности и ликвидности для накопленных богатств. Когда наступали трудные времена, пугливые инвесторы и благоразумные центральные банки закупались активами, номинированными в долларах, и не в последнюю очередь этими активами были облигации казначейства США. Однако сейчас, возможно, ситуация стала иной


Media Capture in the Digital Age2449

The last couple of years have not been good for freedom of expression


A Greener Grid for East Asia1215

Not long ago, the future of nuclear power was in Asia. In 2015, nine of the ten reactors that opened globally were on the continent. But recent declarations by South Korea and Taiwan that they will “go green” have called into question nuclear power’s long-term viability, at least in East Asia. Indeed, 2017 may mark the end of the region’s nuclear love affair – and the start of a new one with renewables


A former chief economist of the World Bank: Experts and Inequality946

Ten years ago this month, the world glimpsed the first clear signals of an economic crisis that, a year later, would be in full swing, creating economic hardship of a kind not seen since the Great Depression of the 1930s


What Makes a Human?981

Last month, moviegoers flocked to theaters to see War for the Planet of the Apes, in which an army of retrovirus-modified primates wage war against humanity. Chimpanzees on horseback, machine-gun-wielding gorillas, and scholarly orangutans undoubtedly make for good theater. But could anything like this ever happen in real life?


Президент Колумбии: Мы плачем по тебе, Венесуэла2261

Ещё совсем недавно Венесуэла – родина «освободителя» Симона Боливара – была свободной и весьма богатой страной, гордившейся самыми большими в мире доказанными запасами нефти и замечательными людьми. Она привлекала миллионы колумбийских мигрантов, бежавших от ужасов войны с повстанцами из Революционных вооружённых сил Колумбии (ФАРК). Но сегодня наши роли меняются: 50-летняя война Колумбии с ФАРК завершается, а, тем временем, Венесуэла переживает экономический, социальный и политический коллапс


The Promise of Ethical Machines1364

The prospect of artificial intelligence (AI) has long been a source of knotty ethical questions


How Parasites Pull the Strings2623

Science fiction has long explored the terrifying possibility that we are devoid of free will, and that some unpleasant creature could control our minds or turn us into plodding zombies. But mind control is not just a literary trope. It is also a common method by which parasites gain access to environments where they can grow, reproduce, and complete their life cycles


Trumping the Renminbi1470

At the concluded World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland, Chinese President Xi Jinping mounted a robust defense of globalization, reaffirming his country’s “open door” policy and pledging never to seek to start a trade war or to benefit from devaluation of its currency


Making Sense of Mindfulness5477

At a recent reception, we encountered a “mindfulness guru.” Yes, that is actually the job title on his business card – one bearing the logo of a huge multinational software company. His job is to teach the company’s stressed-out employees the “art of mindfulness,” which has been described as “awareness that arises through paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgmentally” and “knowing what is on your mind.”


The Real Side of Fake News1371

Today’s digital devices and social networks deliver so much information that even the savviest consumer cannot evaluate all of it. We seem to be living in a version of Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, where truth is drowned in a sea of irrelevance. But the future need not be the dystopia that the present seems to suggest


A Scientific Method for the SDGs1695

In just the latest example of popular support for science, tens of thousands of people around the world recently marched to advocate for a worldview based on facts, not fiction. They understand that science could actually save the world, because it can help us solve our greatest health and development problems


How Culture Shapes Human Evolution2993

Is there an evolutionary explanation for humanity’s greatest successes – technology, science, and the arts – with roots that can be traced back to animal behavior? I first asked this question 30 years ago, and have been working to answer it ever since


Trump’s Strongman Weakness1203

US President Donald Trump has made his affinity for authoritarian leaders abundantly clear


Why Scientists Are Marching1787

On April 22, scientists from around the world marked Earth Day by participating in an unprecedented “March for Science.” The aim of the march was to “celebrate and defend science at all levels – from local schools to federal agencies.” For the rest of the world, it is important to understand why the usually sedate community of scientists will be leaving their labs and offices to take to the streets in a global demonstration of concern

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