The Incredible Cobblestone Streets Within And Breathtaking Views Above

Though not as well-known as Dubrovnik, a little farther south down the Adriatic coast is the incredible walled city of Kotor, in Montenegro

Фото: Geoffrey Morrison

This charming city combines the old-world stone streets with stunning views from the limestone mountain behind.

You can climb this mountain with relative ease, thanks to extensive castle walls, all extending out from the remains of a castle at the top.

Here’s how it looks.

Bus, Boat, Plane

I arrived by bus from Dubrovnik, as many do, and left by plane. Most people, it seems, arrive by boat. More on that later.

The main attraction, of course, is the walled old part of the city.

Not as elaborate or extensive as Dubrovnik, it has its own charm. I stayed, and highly recommend, Hostel Old Town Kotor. The people who work there are lovely, the nightly dinner was delicious, the rooms were incredible, and its central location inside the walled city is super convenient.

Restaurants abound, as you’d expect, with a variety of cuisines.

I wasn’t quite as impressed with the food here as I was in nearby Mostar. 

Фото: Geoffrey Morrison
Фото: Geoffrey Morrison
Фото: Geoffrey Morrison


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