ViJoys — a one-million start-up is conquering video-space

Modern marketers are unanimous about the fact that people buy emotions rather than a product. We pick something that we are going to enjoy and do our best to make a present that will please our dear person. By this logic, it is reasonable to say that the perfect business is the one that can offer a consumer as many positive emotions as possible for a minimum price — it’s pure joy! And this business actually exists — this the service of the tailored video greetings ViJoys.

ViJoys — tailored video greetings, pranks, and memes for all intents and purposes
ViJoys — tailored video greetings, pranks, and memes for all intents and purposes

This Ukrainian start-up emerged in early 2020 and immediately drew the attention of potential buyers. From the very beginning, the owners were getting the offers to sell the project for over a million dollars. But its creators are holding off on saying goodbye to their pet project as the project keeps developing and gaining popularity — it means its price will continue to go up.

ViJoys — the factory of positive emotions

Any start-up’s secret of success is the original idea, professional team, and market demand for a good or service. In the case of ViJoys, all three components have been put together to make this project work so well. Little less than two years before the official kick-up of the project, its creators got enthusiastic about the idea to present the service that would make it possible to generate original presents almost instantly. They came up with an idea of tailor-made video greetings or pranks which one could send anywhere, show to those sitting next to them, share on social media and keep them in their gadgets.

ViJoys - the service of tailor-made video-greetings
ViJoys - the service of tailor-made video-greetings

Give your friends star roles — as a present

The easiest way to enforce such a concept would be taking popular videos that already exist. The creators, however, have taken a step further. They realized perfectly well, that in the digital era many of us wanted to appear on the screens to be seen by the world. But not everyone aspires for an acting or video-blogging career. ViJoys enables you to give anyone — your friends and colleagues, children and parents, your nearest and dearest or even to yourself — a chance to be a star. In the videos, created by the team of this service, not only the viewer sees his or her face on the monitors — the main character addresses this person directly. The children get overwhelmed about getting greetings from a wizard or taking part in the super-heroes’ adventures. Grown-ups are not far behind the children in expressing their excitement when they see themselves in the “Breaking” news or in almost-Hollywood blockbuster.

The hands-down winner

Best video-greetings for friends, family, and colleagues from ViJoys
Best video-greetings for friends, family, and colleagues from ViJoys

The product has no competitors in this market today. ViJoys has never meant to enter the niche of apps to create standard video greeting cards. This service is unique thanks to its various content comprising the videos that were created based on the original scripts. These are more like mini-movies — in their production, professional actors, directors, script-writers, designers, editors, and sound directors are involved. The project is not limited to the greeting video for public holidays or personal special dates. It also offers its services to those who want to make their close people’s day and remind them that they are one of their kind. What users particularly enjoy are the amusing and sometimes provocative video-pranks and memes, which can blow anyone’s mind and charge with positive energy for the rest of the day. There are many categories to choose from — from romance to action as the authors have unfailing imagination and sense of humor which are the advantages of ViJoys and helped it to get so many fans.

ViJoys service — tailor-made videos for the children and grown-ups, men and women
ViJoys service — tailor-made videos for the children and grown-ups, men and women

Development, debugging, and testing of the software took over a year. Meanwhile, the work on the website design, branding, scripts, and video-templates of the pilots was at full swing. Today, ViJoys video-content is growing day in and day out; it offers more stories, jokes, and greetings to the widest audience possible. The software is intuitive and easy to use. Everything you need to do is to pick a video you like and upload one or several photos with the name of the person in the photo. A couple of clicks — and the video is generated automatically. To get an idea of how the mini-movie is going to look like, before you pay for it and download a high-resolution tailor-made video, you can watch its demo-version. For registered users, the service has special offers.

ViJoys’ objective — to surprise and excite the entire world!

Today, ViJoys is entering the international market — the service’s owners are going to scale it up. In the nearest time, the service will turn multilingual and extend its geography. The process is accelerated by the well-tuned system of teamwork within the project. Some of the staff work remotely, while some other tasks are outsourced successfully. It enables the Company to grow while still keeping its structure lean. Mobility and easy-to-manage mode, creative approach, and terabytes of quality content, growing popularity and profits make ViJoys quite an attractive project for the investors and prospective buyers.

ViJoys — the start-up is gearing up and entering the international market
ViJoys — the start-up is gearing up and entering the international market

Its creators manage to meet a critical requirement for any successful start-up — to come up with something that almost everyone would like to use. It means that in the future, ViJoys has every chance to join the list of unicorn-companies and conquer the world. You, too, have a unique opportunity to make your friends' and close people’s day for an occasion or without any of it. Go ahead and get positive emotions at ViJoys web-site!

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