Mikheil Lomtadze presents Kaspi.kz’s latest innovative government services to the President of Kazakhstan

As part of Kazakhstan’s International Technological Forum «Digital Bridge», co-founder and CEO of Kaspi.kz, Mikheil Lomtadze, presented Kaspi.kz‘s latest innovative government services, to the President of Kazakhstan, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev

During the meeting of the Commission on Digitalization under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Mikheil Lomtadze said:

“In the last few years Kazakhstan has seen colossal changes in the area of digitalization. Today Kaspi.kz is one of the biggest fintech companies in the world. And it was created in Kazakhstan.

The main goal of digital transformation is to make people’s lives better. To do this it is necessary to improve the quality of services that people regularly use. In the last two years, we have launched service after service together with our colleagues from different government bodies. We have joint projects with the Ministry of Digital Development, Ministry of Finance, State Revenue Committee, Ministry of Labour, Ministry of the Interior and National Information Technologies JSC. The services we have launched make people’s lives better right here, right now”.

At the exhibition, Mikheil demonstrated to President Tokayev, Kaspi.kz’s vehicle ownership registration, available using the Kaspi.kz Super App.

«Over 7 million Kazakhstan citizens, our valued customers, visit the “Government services” section in the Kaspi.kz Super App. We have completely digitized the procedure to change vehicle ownership. This is a unique by global standards. The service was launched in conjunction with the Ministry of Digitalization and together with the Ministry of Interior its rollout accelerated. At this moment, every third vehicle in the country is registered fully online using the Kaspi.kz Super App”, said Mikheil.

Mikheil Lomtadze also commented that the application for child social security benefits is also moving online. This is a new service developed together with the Ministry of Labour, Ministry of Digitalization and National Information Technologies JSC. Parents no longer need to visit the Public Service Centre and present paper documents. Just fill in the application online on the Kaspi.kz Super App. “Now parents can spend more time with their children instead of visiting Public Service Centre to do legal paperwork”, - added Mikheil.

According to Mikheil, the implementation of the state infrastructure project will allow even greater success in digitalization.

«I think that we all need to accept your history of success both in Kazakhstan and increasingly abroad. I wish you further success!”, - said President Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev in response.

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