Private Equity: Focus On Sustainable Development

Today, 15th of June 2017, in the course of the anniversary X Astana Economic Forum (the AEF), the panel session “Private Equity: Focus on sustainable development” arranged by Kazyna Capital Management JSC (KCM is a subsidiary of Baiterek National Management Holding JSC) took place

The following speakers participated in the session: Aidan Karibzhanov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Visor Holding (Kazakhstan), Orynbassar Kuatov, Partner of ADM Capital (Kazakhstan), Timur Akazhanov, Director of Blackstone Group (USA), Pavel Khokhryakov, private investor (Russia), Marcia E. Favale, Founder and CEO of M.Favale-Tarter (USA), Roland Nash, Senior Partner, Chief Investment Strategist of Verno Capital (UK). Aniket Shah, Head of the UN program “Financing for Sustainable Development Initiative” (USA) moderated the session.

The panel session discussion covered a wide range of issues including the role of private equity in the sustainable development and transformation of the economy, transaction experience and features of private equity development in emerging countries, problems and opportunities of the private equity market in Kazakhstan, the most attractive sectors and industries for private equity investments as well as required efforts by market participants and governmental institutions to strengthen the role of private equity in Kazakhstan.

“Organization of the panel session in the framework of the Astana Economic Forum is a very important event for Kazyna Capital Management JSC, which provides for opportunity  to gather international experts, participants of private equity market in Kazakhstan, to exchange professional opinions and to identify potential prospects for further development of private equity in the region”, - noted Askar Dostiyarov, Chairman of the Management Board of Kazyna Capital Management JSC, before the beginning of the session, - “The existing private equity market can go far beyond the limits of the narrow pool of participants represented today predominantly by businessmen.  With proper development of private equity infrastructure in Kazakhstan, including development of the legislation framework, expansion of a set of financial instruments available for financing of and exit from investments, increase of depth of capital markets for enhancement of liquidity of investments, other initiatives aimed at attracting investments to the economy, as well as built-up of professional competencies and further establishment of specialized participants in private equity market, we will not only provide for steady inflow of investments, but also create prerequisites for sustainable development of private equity market and economic growth as a whole”.

Kazyna Capital Management JSC (KCM) is a Kazakh fund of private equity funds. KCM jointly with institutional foreign investors is the shareholder of investment funds which provide capital to enterprises in dynamically developing sectors of the economy. KCM is among the Companies owned by Baiterek National Management Holding JSC.

Please click to see the live panel session.

Please click for detailed information of speakers of the panel session.

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