Kaspi.kz’s CEO Mikhail Lomtadze recognized as the best business leader in Kazakhstan

Mikhail Lomtadze, the CEO of Kaspi.kz, has been recognized as the best business leader in Kazakhstan, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers’ (PwC) 2020 CEO Survey

PwC surveyed leaders from 68 of Kazakhstan’s largest companies across all sectors of the economy.  Respondents described Kaspi.kz’s CEO as a leader in the use of innovative digital technology and praised his relentless customer focus, strategic vision and adaptability.

 Mikhail Lomtadze, CEO of Kaspi.kz, commented:

 Thank you to everyone who participated in the survey and to PwC for organizing the study. This award is worthy of everyone in our amazing Kaspi.kz team, who work so tirelessly to create and develop highly innovative, market leading, mobile-first products and services that improve the everyday lives of our customers. Working together, we learn from each other, continually grow and improve.”

 PwC has been conducting this study globally for 23 years and in Kazakhstan for the last 8 years, with the purpose of evaluating the opinions of business leaders about the situation in the global and their national economies, learn about risk factors and opportunities for future business development.

You can view the results of the study on the PwC website and in the June issue of Forbes Kazakhstan.

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