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The Pixel XL is impressive for the first Google branded phone but is it good enough to give the iPhone 7 Plus problems? Read on.
26 января 2017 0 5211
While CEOs around the world feel they have plenty to worry about in the year ahead, their confidence in their own growth prospects and their outlook for the global economy are back on the rise
25 января 2017 0 10352
After the shock of the United Kingdom’s Brexit referendum and Donald Trump’s election as President of the United States in 2016, this will be a decisive year for Europe. Upcoming parliamentary elections in France, Germany, the Netherlands, and possibly Italy will decide whether the European Union will hold together, or whether it will disintegrate under the neo-nationalist wave sweeping the West
23 января 2017 0 4322
With 2016 being the second-warmest year on record, and with issues like high executive pay and diversity gaining more awareness, you may be curious to know what companies care most about sustainability
20 января 2017 0 13156
A successful online service by Elena Sergeeva and her partners helps freely to find and book abroad treatment within minutes
19 января 2017 0 14338
Review of figures in the 2017 World Bank Doing Business in Kazakhstan report and other data that relate to the ease of doing business show that law enforcement plays an important role in the ranking. We would like to highlight the importance of law enforcement agencies in the process of improving the investment attractiveness of Kazakhstan
08 ноября 2016 0 8178
The race for championship in putting the best blockchain solutions to service masses intensifies, with industry leaders broadening geography of engagement by investing and bringing in new talents in research and technology development from around the globe
31 октября 2016 0 11051
PwC values global market for commercial applications of drone technology at over $127 bn
23 июня 2016 0 9084
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