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In late October, the World Health Organization’s Regional Office for Africa signed an agreement with the United Nations International Telecommunication Union (ITU). The aim of the unlikely partnership is to encourage the use of digital services “to save lives and improve people’s health.” But perhaps the pact’s most innovative feature is the vow to merge financial inclusion strategies with modern health-care delivery
11 января 2018 3.7 мин. 5537
Aurora has kept a low profile since three self-driving car tech luminaries founded it about a year ago, but no longer. The stealthy Silicon Valley tech startup is jumping to the front of the race to get driverless vehicles on the road through partnerships with two of the world’s largest automakers
10 января 2018 3.4 мин. 3365
The United Kingdom is accelerating the rollout of a social security scheme only Ebenezer Scrooge could love. The “universal credit” program replaces six different welfare benefits – such as the child tax credit and the housing benefit – with one. The goal is to incentivize employment, and to create an online system that is easier to use.
09 января 2018 4 мин. 3800
Follow the money: where do the richest terror organizations in the world get their funding? Forbes Israel with a ranking that you should worry about
08 января 2018 12.4 мин. 5787
We live in a time of geopolitical transition. China’s effort to replace the United States as the world’s leading power, or at least to become a co-partner in global leadership, deservedly receives much attention. But the macro-level dynamics that have long defined the Middle East are also shifting, and here, too, US influence is likely to diminish
05 января 2018 4.6 мин. 4981
By now you've probably heard the notion that "sitting is the new smoking" or put even more frankly: that "sitting is killing you"
04 января 2018 1.8 мин. 6440
After falling for more than a decade, the number of hungry people in the world is rising once again
03 января 2018 4.6 мин. 4602
Yemen and South Sudan are, in many ways, worlds apart. But, despite vast differences in history, tradition, and culture, both countries share one painful feature: their people are now bearing the brunt of two of the most devastating manmade crises: violent conflict and climate change
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