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Recent disease outbreaks, like Ebola and Zika, have demonstrated the need to anticipate pandemics and contain them before they emerge. But the sheer diversity, resilience, and transmissibility of deadly diseases have also highlighted, in the starkest of terms, just how difficult containment and prevention can be
02 ноября 2017 0 5647
After many years of anticipation and delays, the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars (BTK) rail line has ceremoniously gone into service
01 ноября 2017 0 5432
Deeply rooted, credible, accountable, and effective institutions have long been deemed crucial for a society’s lasting wellbeing and prosperity. They shield countries from frequent and unsettling volatility, be it economic, political, or social, and they reduce the risk of costly shocks. But, nowadays, key political and economic institutions are being pressured by unusual fluidity in their operating environments and the effects of a cumulative loss of trust on the part of their constituencies
31 октября 2017 0 3504
Ceres - the enigmatic dwarf planet that lies between Mars and Jupiter --- likely harbors briny mud at the base of its crust, or some 40 kilometers beneath its surface, says NASA
30 октября 2017 0 2944
It’s easy to promise generosity, but harder to follow through with the money
27 октября 2017 0 4580
ICOs are the new, new, new hot thing. They are powered by blockchain technology. Entrepreneurs are teeing up offers, money is flowing, and some early investors have made a killing. Should you jump in? Here are three questions of consider before you click to invest
26 октября 2017 0 5027
You’ve probably seen lasers used as pointers at a talk, or you may even have your own laser pointer at home that you play around with because, put simply, lasers are COOL. But did you know that lasers are actually really useful for science too? Here are five incredible things that scientists can do with lasers
25 октября 2017 0 3362
Visiting Hong Kong is a true pleasure. With its modern architecture towering around the busy harbor, that great and exciting city must rank among the world’s most enjoyable urban destinations. But Hong Kong is now under stress, as it finds itself at the center of a number of issues and challenges – including how best to balance economic and political freedom and how to engage with an increasingly assertive and ambitious China – that will define its prospects in the century ahead
24 октября 2017 0 4393
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