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A former prime minister of Australia Kevin Rudd Says More
27 марта 2022 10 мин. 45757
The International Monetary Fund is showing promising signs of changing with the times
23 марта 2022 6 мин. 34329
US corporate giants often criticize the European Commission’s aggressive competition policy, claiming that it protects inefficient European firms. Meanwhile, they applaud America’s laissez-faire antitrust policies, which regard market dominance as a reward for success and have aided the development of today’s US megafirms, especially in the tech sector
22 марта 2022 5 мин. 39277
It is difficult to see any winners in the ongoing war caused by Russia’s irrational and devastating invasion of Ukraine
12 марта 2022 5 мин. 39560
Global economic growth since World War II has been an unprecedented success
07 марта 2022 5 мин. 35470
Social development issues are becoming increasingly important in our country in the light of tragic events in January 2022
21 февраля 2022 5 мин. 56538
NEW DELHI – The main factor limiting the global recovery is not the much-discussed increase in inflation in advanced economies, which is likely to be transient, but rather the massive inequalities between most rich countries and the rest of the world, with the exception of China
20 февраля 2022 5 мин. 37163
STANFORD – The nomination of new members to the US Federal Reserve Board offers an opportunity for Americans – and Congress – to reflect on the world’s most important central bank and where it is going
13 февраля 2022 5 мин. 36453
Досым Сатпаев: Парламент как парк НУРского периода Смотреть на Youtube