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Dark Capital is a series that explores the intersection of business, wealth and crime
01 октября 2019 11 мин. 8669
NEW HAVEN – In the here and now of climate change, it is easy to lose sight of important signs of progress. China, the world’s biggest emitter of greenhouse gases, is a case in point. By changing its economic model, shifting its sources of fuel, developing new transportation systems, and embracing eco-friendly urbanization, China’s sustainability strategy is an example of global leadership that the rest of the world should consider very carefully. In the rush to demonize China over trade, the West has missed this point altogether
30 сентября 2019 5 мин. 6966
CAMBRIDGE – Revelations that a whistleblower from the intelligence community has accused US President Donald Trump of making inappropriate promises to a foreign leader have reignited the hopes that recently hung on the report of Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Many of those exasperated with Trump’s norm-violating, truth-bending, and polarizing presidency had believed that the system would somehow discipline, restrain, or remove him. Yet these hopes were misguided then, and they are misguided now
27 сентября 2019 6 мин. 7864
ATHENS – During his tenure as President of the European Central Bank, Mario Draghi forged a variety of weapons that he deployed to shield the eurozone from menacing deflationary forces. Without them, the euro would have been history. However, the deflationary specter haunting Europe was never truly defeated and is now back with considerable vengeance
26 сентября 2019 5 мин. 7550
Facebook is under four separate antitrust investigations, including the one being conducted by the FTC
25 сентября 2019 2 мин. 6558
Philosopher Frances Bacon once compared all negotiations with sowing – you need to take into consideration many factors in sowing your seeds in order to get fruitful results. Indeed negotiations are part of our everyday life and everyday business, so it is fundamental to master negotiation skills. Here are seven essential steps for developing strategies for effective negotiations
24 сентября 2019 4 мин. 8373
WASHINGTON, DC – Imagine a man who has lived too extravagantly and eventually must go to the doctor for treatment of an acute disease, along with several other chronic conditions. The doctor prescribes a ten-day course of antibiotics, and advises his patient to start taking better care of himself. After three days of taking the pills and following the doctor’s orders, the man feels much better. But he finds the quiet life painful, so he forgets the medicine and his doctor’s advice and doubles down on debauchery
23 сентября 2019 5 мин. 7733
While leaders of the Democratic House Oversight Committee voiced frustration with the limited details in the Pentagon’s response, “it still reveals that far more taxpayer funds have been spent at the President’s resort than previously known,” they wrote back to the Pentagon on Wednesday
20 сентября 2019 2 мин. 7042
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