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The women on The Forbes 400 are worth a record combined amount this year
15 октября 2019 6 мин. 6248
NEW DELHI – In the natural world, humans stand out for the complexity of the tools, technologies, and institutions that we have developed. According to the anthropologist Joseph Henrich, we owe this success to our ability to accumulate, share, and adapt cultural information across generations. But just as interconnection causes our “collective brains” to expand over time, isolation can cause them to shrink. Economists should take note
14 октября 2019 4 мин. 5299
Market volatility didn’t take a vacation this summer
11 октября 2019 2 мин. 5785
BEIJING – The celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China on October 1 will be an exuberant affair, involving glitzy cultural events, an extravagant state dinner attended by Chinese and foreign luminaries, and a grand military parade in Tiananmen Square. And, at a time of high tensions with US President Donald Trump’s administration, it will be imbued with an extra dose of patriotic enthusiasm. But while China has much to celebrate, it also has much work to do
10 октября 2019 4 мин. 5214
With all thy getting, get understanding
09 октября 2019 2 мин. 5650
NEW YORK – Globalization has gotten a bad rap in recent years, and often for good reason. But some critics, not least US President Donald Trump, place the blame in the wrong place, conjuring up a false image in which Europe, China, and developing countries have snookered America’s trade negotiators into bad deals, leading to Americans’ current woes. It’s an absurd claim: after all, it was America – or, rather, corporate America – that wrote the rules of globalization in the first place
08 октября 2019 5 мин. 5802
LONDON – In the year since US President Donald Trump escalated America’s trade war with China, policymakers and financial markets have been obsessed with the dangers to both countries’ economies. Yet the real threat the conflict poses to the global economy lies elsewhere
07 октября 2019 5 мин. 6174
There are big dreams, and then there are Trump-size dreams, ones that demand capital letters and tower over cities
04 октября 2019 4 мин. 6108
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