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Outside of the security domain, overhauling the World Bank offers US President Joe Biden’s administration its greatest opportunity for a key foreign-policy achievement
23 октября 2022 5 мин. 34233
Vladimir Putin’s ongoing failure in Ukraine has put his strategic alliance with Chinese President Xi Jinping to the test
18 октября 2022 6 мин. 38408
It is now widely accepted that deglobalization – the retrenchment of global trade, unwinding of capital flows, new barriers to migration, and declining influence of multilateral institutions – is well underway
16 октября 2022 4 мин. 34019
“What is your sexual orientation?” In Brazil, where queer people have historically been ignored and excluded from official statistics, this question holds special significance for the LGBTQ+ community
30 сентября 2022 5 мин. 41169 has once again taken first place in the ranking of Kazakhstan’s largest online shopping platforms, according to Top KZ Retail E-Commerce 2022
19 сентября 2022 31 сек. 36869
US Senate Democrats’ compromise bill, the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) of 2022, addresses not just inflation but also several key longstanding problems facing our economy and society
14 августа 2022 6 мин. 59282
A tragedy is unfolding in Sri Lanka. Citizens must queue for food and pharmaceuticals, vehicle owners cannot fill their tanks, and there have been rolling power outages
07 августа 2022 5 мин. 58222
Monetary-policy tightening is coming to Europe. Following in the footsteps of the US Federal Reserve and others, the European Central Bank has announced that it will discontinue its asset-purchase program and raise interest rates this month, in a bid to rein in inflation. But, unless the authorities address the differential effect this has on member states’ financial conditions, the eurozone will experience both a recession and a financial crisis
17 июля 2022 6 мин. 110877
Досым Сатпаев: Парламент как парк НУРского периода Смотреть на Youtube