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NEW DELHI – The COVID-19 pandemic has thrust the entire world – rich and poor – into uncharted territory, prompting extraordinary policy responses almost everywhere. The looming economic fallout will be more severe than that of the Great Depression, the 2008 global financial crisis, and perhaps even the two world wars. After all, none of these previous epochal crises involved a simultaneous global collapse of both demand and supply, with little certainty of how long the sudden stop would persist
13 апреля 2020 5 мин. 3811
For the third time in a decade, the number of billionaires dropped as global equity markets imploded. Of those who remain, 51% are poorer than they were last year
10 апреля 2020 3 мин. 4107
NEW YORK – As it spread from one country to another, the novel coronavirus paid no attention to national frontiers or “big, beautiful” border walls. Nor were the ensuing economic effects contained. As has been obvious since the outset, the COVID-19 pandemic is a global problem that demands a global solution
09 апреля 2020 5 мин. 3464
How to get on the covers of top international publications, adorn catalogs of top-rated brands, and play leading roles in music videos from the top stars? A 14-year-old model Anastasiia Bondarchuk: biography and secrets of making contracts with world brands
08 апреля 2020 4 мин. 4936
Despite achieving a great progress in medicine, biotechnology, and genetics over the past decade, the world have been unprepared to meet the challenges associated with the Coronavirus pandemic
08 апреля 2020 19 мин. 7210
MADRID – By some mix of cruel irony and remarkable prescience, the theme of last year’s Venice Biennale – the biennial art exhibition’s 58th incarnation – was: “May you live in interesting times.” The line, purportedly a translation of an old Chinese curse, was meant to highlight the precariousness of life in this dangerous and uncertain age. With the COVID-19 pandemic ravaging the world, and credible global leadership nowhere to be seen, that reality has become impossible to ignore
07 апреля 2020 5 мин. 4155
MILAN – The coronavirus has a chokehold on the global economy. Like many friends and colleagues in China, I, too, have been locked down, along with the rest of Italy. Many of my fellow citizens in the United States are now in the same situation; others around the world will follow suit soon enough
06 апреля 2020 6 мин. 3450
NEW YORK – With the COVID-19 pandemic intensifying, the United States has just adopted a $2 trillion economic-rescue package (equal to 9.2% of 2019 GDP). The legislation follows unprecedented actions by the US Federal Reserve, which will engage in open-ended quantitative easing, and has introduced new mechanisms to backstop businesses and keep credit flowing
03 апреля 2020 5 мин. 4277
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