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In 2023, the phrase «Сендер қанағаттандырылмағандықтарыңыздан!» was blasting from phones and cars as part of the Old Spice summer marketing campaign. Soon, «Cheena» would make history in the music and advertising space of Kazakhstan
11 апреля 2024 5 мин. 21269
Is it time to consider adding price caps to the emergency economics toolbox?
07 апреля 2024 5 мин. 44341
India’s recent economic success, solid momentum, and promising prospects are making the country ever more influential both regionally and internationally
30 марта 2024 10 мин. 46792
Under President Joe Biden, the US economy has performed much better than virtually anyone predicted. And yet voters seem not to realize it – an apparent puzzle that has been much discussed lately
28 марта 2024 5 мин. 37596
Frontier markets are back. Several African countries have recently returned to global financial markets, placing foreign-currency bonds with international investors
27 марта 2024 5 мин. 35746
Many economists and commentators have been popping champagne corks and toasting the US Federal Reserve for having steered the economy toward a soft landing
25 марта 2024 5 мин. 36503
While we are all paying a steep price for climate change already, today’s children and young people will have to endure far worse conditions, and for far longer
21 марта 2024 5 мин. 25890
Following weeks of intense negotiations, the European Union has agreed to revise its fiscal rules
18 марта 2024 5 мин. 21603