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NEW DELHI – Among the many inequalities revealed by the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the most striking is the dramatic divergence in governments’ fiscal responses. Economic activity has collapsed worldwide as a result of lockdown measures to contain the coronavirus. But while some developed countries have been able to deploy fiscal stimulus on an unprecedented scale, most have not
15 мая 2020 5 мин. 1301
CAMBRIDGE – For those who viewed negative interest rates as a bridge too far for central banks, it might be time to think again. Right now, in the United States, the Federal Reserve – supported both implicitly and explicitly by the Treasury – is on track to backstop virtually every private, state, and city credit in the economy. Many other governments have felt compelled to take similar steps. A once-in-a-century (we hope) crisis calls for massive government intervention, but does that have to mean dispensing with market-based allocation mechanisms?
14 мая 2020 4 мин. 1327
Shopify’s soaring stock has one venture capital firm looking at a $22 billion windfall that never was
13 мая 2020 4 мин. 1542
It is obvious that the education system will not be the same as before COVID-19
12 мая 2020 5 мин. 1426
“When things are bad, it’s the best time to reinvent yourself!” said famous American actor George Lopez
11 мая 2020 4 мин. 1465
2019 has become a representational year for Kazakhstan education system. Results of the most prominent international assessment tests have been published, including PISA, TALIS, ICILS and PIAAC. Kazakhstan has scored low by many indicators. What do these results tell us?
06 мая 2020 6 мин. 2024
The Last Dance, ESPN’s documentary tracking Michael Jordan’s final season with the Chicago Bulls, has captivated the American viewing public at a time when sports are on lockdown
05 мая 2020 4 мин. 1993
NEW YORK – The European Council is holding a virtual summit on April 23 to consider how the European Union should cope with the economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic. Spain’s submission is by far the most thoroughly considered and innovative proposal that will be presented. It should be the first item on the meeting agenda
04 мая 2020 4 мин. 1621
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