Kaspi.kz once again recognized as # 1 in e-commerce

Kaspi Marketplace is creating new opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses in Kazakhstan

For the fourth year in a row Kaspi.kz has taken first place in the ranking of Kazakhstan’s largest e-commerce platforms: TOP KZ Retail E-Commerce 2021.

“Thank you to each of our valued clients and partners for joining with us! - commented the CEO and co-founder of Kaspi.kz Mikhail Lomtadze. - Already more than 10 million Kazakhstanis use Kaspi.kz’s leading Super App. We now offer more than 1 million products and our team is continually developing new innovative e-commerce services. Most of our partners are small and medium-sized companies, who are seeing higher sales, developing their businesses and together with us, contributing the growth of Kazakhstan’s economy.  For our consumers, the benefits include an ever-growing selection of goods at the very best prices.”  

According to published ranking, Kaspi.kz’s 2020 e-commerce GMV of $915 million, was more than 6x higher than # 2 e-commerce player, Wildberries.   

The TOP KZ Retail E-Commerce ranking is compiled annually by Forbes Kazakhstan in conjunction with consulting company Baker Tilly Kazakhstan and based upon online sales.

According to a study conducted by PwC and the Digital Kazakhstan Association, the e-commerce market in Kazakhstan grew by 116% in the first half of 2021 to 426 billion tenge. At the same time, buyers are clearly opting for marketplaces, that enable them to purchase goods from a wide range of merchants.  

According to the authors of the study, marketplaces such as Kaspi.kz provide advantages not only for buyers, but also create new growth opportunities for businesses in Kazakhstan. Connecting to marketplaces gives small and medium-sized businesses access to the latest technology, new online sales channels, a large customer base, delivery and advertising services.

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