Kaspi.kz founders meet with Kazakhstan’s president Tokayev


Following Kaspi.kz’s successful Nasdaq IPO, the company’s founders Mikhail Lomtadze and Vyacheslav Kim met with Kazakhstan’s president Kassym-Jomart Tokayev

Фото: Akorda

Kaspi.kz is the first company from Kazakhstan to IPO in the US and with its Nasdaq listing, shares in Kazakhstan’s no.1 Super App now trade alongside many of the world’s most innovative technology companies. Kaspi.kz’s IPO attracted multiple, high profile, global investors. Kaspi.kz’s success attracting foreign investors, aligns nicely with the Kazakhstan’s government substantial efforts to improve the investment climate and attract more world-leading investors to the country.

As well as discussing Kazakhstan’s plans to grow foreign investment further, Kaspi.kz’s founders highlighted the company’s own ambitious growth strategy both domestically and internationally.

President Tokayev congratulated Kaspi.kz’s founders on the company’s significant success and exciting future growth prospects.

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