Hans-Werner Sinn

Professor of Economics at the University of Munich

British Prime Minister Theresa May has confirmed it. The United Kingdom will, without a doubt, leave the European Union and negotiate new trade agreements. The question is what kind of agreement the EU will accept
17 июля 2017 5 мин. 1806
Emmanuel Macron’s victory in the French presidential election sent a wave of relief and euphoria across Europe. But now a reality check is in order, because we do not yet know how the new president intends to restore the French economy. The country suffers from an unemployment rate of nearly 10%, and its manufacturing sector is still operating 12% below its level before the 2008 global financial crisis
09 июня 2017 5 мин. 1997
19 февраля родились
Ажмат Алимов
Директор ТОО «Региональный центр развития Алматинской области»
Анес Бижанов
Председатель совета директоров AMF Group
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